What’s a Cannagar?

A Cannagar is an all cannabis cigar made by compressing cannabis around a skewer and then rolling it with hemp or cannabis fan leaves. The process of compressing the cannabis around a skewer creates a slow-burning, full-flavored roll that lasts for hours. This type of compressed roll was originally known as a “Thai Stick”. The term Cannagar was newly created to signify a Thai Stick rolled in fan leaves.

What’s a Thai Stick?

A Thai Stick is the original Cannagar. In the 1970s they were usually made by tying hemp rope tightly around cannabis on a skewer, covering it in opium, and then letting it cure for months. The end result is a rougher looking Cannagar. In recent years, people have started to bring this trend back (without the opium) due to the elevated smoking experience it creates. Because the cannabis is so compressed, Thai Sticks can burn for hours while being smooth and an easy draw due to the hole left behind by the skewer.

What’s the difference between a Thai Stick and Cannagar?

Since Cannagars are a relatively new term, there’s still a lot of confusion and debate about its definition in the cannabis community. We believe both Thai Sticks & Cannagars are compressed cannabis on a skewer and the only thing that separates them is rolling material. Cannagars are usually rolled in hemp or cannabis fan leaves, while Thai Sticks can be rolled in anything. To learn more about the differences between joints vs blunts vs cannagars, click here.

How long does a cannagar last?

It depends! We have three sizes to choose from and they can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on the size you get and how many people you’re smoking with.

Can I buy pre-made Cannagars?

You could. But, store-bought Cannagars are hard to find and cost hundreds of dollars. Save your money and have all of the creative freedom by making your own!

How to make a Cannagar?

Using a Purple Rose Supply CannaMold, you can easily make a Cannagar in 3 steps. Pack the flower into the mold, store it for a few hours, roll it in a whole-leaf hemp wrap, and enjoy. You can visit the How-To-Make-a-Cannagar page for a quick infographic or instructional video to see how it’s done.

How do you light Cannagar?

To light your Cannagar, use a torch lighter and roast it like a marshmallow until you get a nice even burn. Make sure the cherry is fully lit before you start puffing.

How do I get my Cannagar core to stay together when I remove it from the mold?

The key to a great Cannagar is compression. Make sure you pack a little flower at a time and press down hard on the packing tool each time. If your Cannagar is compressed properly, you should have no issues keeping your core together when removing it from the mold.

What if I don’t have time to store my packed Cannagar mold?

We recommend storing your packed mold in a cool, dry place for at least 3 hours. Cannagars that stay in their mold for a few days are smoother and permanently hold their shape. If you’re in a rush, you should get your Cannagar core as compressed as possible by packing your flower in a little at a time and pressing down hard on the packing tool each time. Leave it in the mold for as long as you can (at least 3 hours), and when you remove it roll it right away so it holds its shape.

Do I have to leave my cannagar in my mold for 3 hours?

To get the best smoking experience out of your Cannagar, 3 hours is highly recommended! It will be smoother and hold it’s shape better the longer you leave it in the mold. But how long you let it cure is up to you.

My Cannagar mold is getting sticky. What should I do?

Clean the inside of your Cannagar mold with a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol. This makes it easier to take your finished Cannagar out. Be sure to only clean the inside of your CannaMold with rubbing alcohol. For the outside of your mold, just lightly moisten a towel with water and wipe down.

For best results, this cleaning kit has everything you need to keep your CannaMold A1.

What wraps should I use?

You can use any wrap you like! Almost any wrap can be stacked or cut down to fit your Cannagar. These are some of our favorites:


Mini - 1 Wrap
Personal – 2 Wraps stacked for length
Small – 1 Wrap
Large – 3 Wraps; 2 stacked for length and 1 cut in half for width


Mini - 1/2 wrap cut to size
Personal – 1 wrap
Small – 1 wrap
Large – 2 wraps stacked for height


Mini - 1 slim size
Personal – 1 king size papers
Small – 1 king size paper
Large – 2 king size papers 


Mini - 1 wrap
Personal – 1 and half wraps stacked for length
Small – 1 wrap
Large – 1 wrap