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Wooden Tips (Pack of 10)

Wooden Tips (Pack of 10)

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Ah, so I see that the Wooden Tips caught your eye. This is the cherry on top for your Cannagar. Instead of putting your mouth over a wrap, you can be extra classy and puff on your Cannagar with a tip over it. Each tip can be used about 3-4 times, which is why you want to stock up. Wooden Tips come in a pack of 10

  • Tips made from Birch Wood 

Each Tip includes:

    • New design! No more loose-tapered fit. 
  • Useful mouthpiece - Gives you room to put your lips fully over the tip. You’ll never worry about burning your lips.

Ring Gauges:
Mini - 22
Small - 34
Large - 42

Dimensions 4 × 8 × 1 in
Size Mini, Small, Large
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